Social responsibility
Social responsibility has an important role in the public position of "S-EMI" LLC. We are open to participation in projects and events to solve socially significant problems and tasks.
Our projects within the framework of social responsibility policy
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate social responsibility includes the corporate ethics of the company, approaches to corporate governance, attitude to the problems of society.
We strive to do business on the basis of ethics and equality, making a feasible contribution to the development of the quality of life of our employees and their families, customers, partners and society as a whole.
Our company pays great attention to charity projects, charity events are held annually.
Priority areas are support for children's sports, children's educational institutions, support for gifted children, projects for the development of physical culture and sports, support for cultural and educational projects.
Проекты компании РСТ-Энерго в рамках политики социальной ответственности